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“I’m sorry about what Levi did, Eren,” You had tender gaze in your eyes as you looked at Eren.

Eren nodded but winced when  the school nurse dabbed a scrape on his elbow.

“Levi is… different now. I don’t remember him ever acting violent.” You looked away from Eren, not wanting to see him in pain.

“You can tell. The guy can’t even punch right. ” Eren grumbled rubbing his cheek with a look of fake pain covering his face.

You laughed bitterly. There was just something about Eren’s smug sarcasm that could make you smile no matter what. The nurse told Eren that he would be fine, but he just has to cool it. Eren nodded grudgingly and pushed himself off of the nurse’s couch. He was struggling so you offered him your arm. You acted as Eren’s crutch as you exited the office and nodded a “thank you” to the nurse.


Mikasa had a frown on her face when she pulled up to you and Eren. You gave her a sheepish smile as you helped Eren into the backseat. You let out a deep sigh as you buckled yourself in. Mikasa looked at you and Eren.

“So, [Name],  what happened?” Mikasa set her steely gaze firmly on you.

“I-It wasn’t Eren’s fault. You know the student council president, Levi?” You began.

“Yeah? What of him?” Mikasa raised an eyebrow.

“Well, he’s an old friend, my first actually, but he’s not exactly the same as he was when I first met him. He attacked Eren. I saw the whole thing. Eren never did a thing, he only acted in self-defense.” You spoke with distress in your voice.

“That’s not what the kids in my class told me. They said that Eren punched first…” Her eyebrows furrowed.

“What?!” Eren yelled from the backseat.

You ran your hand through your [h/c] hair. How could something like this have happened? You rested your head against the car window. You should have never returned.


Levi sat at the computer. Just a little more time and Eren would be out of his way. As far as school went anyway. Levi leaned back in his chair with a small smirk on his face. His steel gray blue eyes remained emotionless as the loading bar slowly filled. His smile became psychotic when the bar filled and the screen read ‘ALL FILES TRANSFERRED”. Levi let out a soft chuckle as he shut off the computer. It was done. He shut off the lights in the room and shut the door. Everything was going according to plan.

You slung your [f/c] backpack over your shoulder. Hopefully today would be a better day. Mikasa chastised Eren for not waking up on time. It was their usual antics for the morning. You chuckled. Yesterday seemed to have been completely forgotten.  You hopped in the back seat of Mikasa’s car and smiled. You were actually excited for school now.l. Perhaps you could possibly attempt to be friends with Levi again.

“[Name], we’re here.” Mikasa’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

You slid out of your seat and slammed the car door. The school building no longer seemed intimidating, but welcoming. You smiled and let out a deep breath. It was playing out to be a great day.

You sat in your desk and talked to Eren about what seemed like nothing. Eren pointed out a boy he had labeled as an “asshole”, he said that his name was Jean and he had no manners and a horse face. You couldn’t help but laugh at the comical disdain that Eren spoke with.

“Eren Jaeger?” The teacher called.

“Yes?” Eren responded curiously.

“ Please come with me to the office.”

The class erupted in claims of Eren getting in trouble and that he was screwed. You rolled your eyes at the immaturity of your classmates, every time someone got called to the office they assumed that the person was were in trouble. Eren cautiously got up  and followed the teacher. You couldn’t stop the feeling of dread that filled your body as he let the classroom. He’d be ok, right?


Eren never returned to the classroom and the school day was already over. What could have happened? You picked up your backpack and headed out of the classroom. You rushed down the hallway, hoping to find Eren. You burst into the office, ignoring the confused stares of the secretaries as you looked around for Eren. There was no sign of him in there so you ran out. Where on earth could he be?  You frantically began checking classrooms for any signs of Eren, but you couldn’t find anything.

“[Name]?” A voice asked.

You turned around to see Levi watching you with concern in his eyes.

“A-ah yes?” You looked away from him.

“What are you doing?” Levi began to step closer to you.

Your eyes widened and you took a step back.

“U-um… I’m looking for someone.” Your [e/c] eyes darted around the hallway, searching for an escape route.

“Maybe I can assist you,” Levi said placing a hand on your shoulder. “Who are you looking for?”

“Eren.” You shrugged his hand off of your shoulder.

Levi frowned. You were still looking for that brat?

“You won’t find him here….” He growled.
“What? Where is he? We need to head home before Mikasa gets angry!” Your mind raced.

Levi only grunted and grabbed your hand and  lead you back to the main office and directed you to sit. Levi talked to the secretaries and furrowed his brows as they responded. He walked up to you with a perturbed look on his face.

“They said that he was transferred to a different school in the area, they can’t give me the name of it since it’s classified. I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help. Feel free to come to me if you have any problems.” Levi soothingly rubbed your hand.

“That’s not the point, Levi!”  You moved away from him  noticing something you saw  flash in his eyes akin to joy about  some   “He’s Mikasa’s brother, she’s definitely going to want an explanation to where he is.”

“Well, she’ll just have to look somewhere else for one.”  Anger became more evident in his voice.

“What’s your problem,LevI?! Why can’t you just explain?Can you not trust me... Or is it something else?” You raised your voice.

You had a hurt expression on your face and tears began to well in your eyes. Levi’s face was filled with shock. It wasn’t like you to be like this either. This was only the second time you had been upset with him and it was all because of that boy.

“I do trust you [Name]. It’s you who can’t seem to trust me. What happened to the relationship we used to have? You don’t know how excited I was to see you here yesterday… It was something I’d think about everyday and now you’re preoccupied with your little friend. Do you remember the promise we made?” Levi’s eyes blazed with fury.

“Promise? What promise?” Confusion flashed on your features.

Levi looked at you with pain in his eyes. You raised an eyebrow at this. What on earth was he talking about?

“You don’t remember?” His voice quivered.

You shook your head and turned away from him. You began to walk away when Levi grabbed your wrist.

“Please, don’t go…” Desperation filled  his voice.

“I need to go find Eren. He is one of my few friends… I’ll be back.” You spoke with a small bit of tenderness.

Levi reluctantly let go of you and watched as you ran out of school. Had you truly forgotten about the promise?
These updates just keep coming Levidoingthething 

I know Levi isn't too yandere yet, but just wait

co-author -- xAriahfandubsx

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When it Said' "That's not what the kids in class told me" i yelled what at the computer.
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Aw I feel bad for Levi ;~;
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2604Drapsmann Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2016
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