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Levi led you up two  flights of stairs all while keeping your hand in a tight grasp. He pushed open a door which led to an office like room filled with books and papers, in the center of the room the was a desk with a name plate that had “Student Council President” engraved on it. Levi offered you a seat and sat behind the desk. He stared at you with a stoic look on your face. Something about him just made you nervous.

“So, Levi… How’ve you been all these years?” You said with a nervous smile.

“Fine,” He grunted, “I was finally able to stand up for myself.”

“So I’ve noticed. I can’t believe you’re President! That’s amazing!” You smiled at him.

Levi felt his cheeks heat up and quickly averted your gaze.

“Y-Yeah… I-I-I never really expected it either,” He looked down, “ it just happened… What about you? What have you been up to?”

“U-Ummm… Well, I lived a pretty average life in [Town Name]. School there was fine, but I only made two really good friends. I don’t know if you met them yet, but it’s the boy I was with earlier, Eren, and his sister Mikasa. I think you’d like them.” You spoke with joy in your voice.

Levi’s eyes darkened when you mentioned Eren. Were you cheating on him? His face twisted in disgust at the thought of you dating that thing you called a friend. A soft growl left his lips as black bangs shaded his eyes.  You looked at him with concern. Had you said something to upset him?

“A-Are you alright Levi?” You said placing a hand on his shoulders.

He didn’t look up, but he nodded. You removed  your hand and sat quietly in your seat, waiting for him to break the silence. Suddenly, Levi stood up and gestured for you to follow him. You complied and exited the room after him.

“I’ve decided that I should give you a tour of the building before you start classes.” He said as he took his hand in yours.

You grinned. This was more like the boy you knew. Levi looked at you and pulled your hand, signaling you to move forward. You followed him as he explained which classes you would be taking and where they were located. You smiled everytime he made a small yet recognizable gesture. He was still practically the same boy.

“So, will I have any classes with Eren?” You smiled.

His eyes darkened again, causing you to shiver. His grip on your hand tightened and you flinched. This wasn’t him.

“You’ll have to speak with the office about that… I have some business to take care of, so I guess I’ll see you later.” He growled.

You tried to smile and quickly have him a kiss on his cheek. Levi’s face turned a light shade of pink as turned to walk down the hall. He had to know now. He had to know if you really loved him.

‘Maybe that boy won’t be too much trouble’ Levi thought sticking his hands in his pockets.

You sighed and began to look for the class Levi had said was your homeroom. You slid the door open and sat down in an empty desk. You didn’t recognize anyone in the classroom until you saw the door open again. Familiar blue eyes flicked in your direction as a smile crossed your face. Eren smiled back at you and hurried to find a seat near you. Once he had gotten settled, you turned to speak to him

“Hey, what’s up?” You said brightly.

“Nothing much. How’s alone time with Levi go?” Eren said wiggling his eyebrows.

“I-I don’t know…” You blushed.

“Looks like someone has a crush.” He grinned poking your cheek.

You slapped his hand away and stuck out your tongue. God, he could be so annoying sometimes. The click of high heels caused you attention to switch to the teacher approaching you. She stopped at your desk and turned to Eren.

“Are you Eren Jaeger?” She asked with a small smile.

“Yes.” He responded.

“The office has requested to see you.” She said pointing to the door

I wonder what that is about? You thought, perplexed at why Eren had to leave.

You sighed as the door shut behind Eren. Looks like you were alone once again.


Eren had never come back to the classroom and it was nearly time for lunch. The teacher finished writing on the chalkboard and dismissed the class. You packed  up your books and headed to your locker. As you moved the dial a familiar voice interrupted you.

“Do you have any plans for lunch, [Name]?” Levi’s voice muttered.

You looked at him and shook your head. He suddenly took your hand in his and pulled you in the direction of his office. Your brows furrowed as his grip tightened. Just what was this guy’s problem? He quickly pulled you into his office and slammed the door shut. There was a lunch set out on his desk. You sat down in the same chair you had earlier and waited for Levi to take his seat.

“So, [Name] how was your first day so far?” He said looking into your [e/c] eyes.

“It’s been fine… Except, I don’t know where my friend disappeared off to.” You said looking at the ceiling.

Levi reached out and slowly put his hand on yours. You turned to him with a blush on your cheeks and a confused expression on your face.  Why was he touching you so casually? You attempted to pull your hand away from his, but his grip tightened to a painful level.

“Levi… please stop you’re hurting me.” You looked at him with concern in your eyes.

Levi’s eyes had darkened once again. You pulled harder as your tried to get away. His grip kept tightening and tears began to form in your eyes.Levi suddenly released his grip on your hand and looked at you.

“[Name], I’m sorry… I don’t know what came over me.” He murmured refusing to meet your eyes.

“I-It’s fine, just don’t freak out like that again.” You said with a nervous smile.

The bell rang causing you to quickly pack up your stuff and leave Levi’s office. Levi watched as the door closed behind. Once your footsteps could no longer be heard, he began throwing anything he could get his hands on onto the floor. You had left him. Levi was convinced that it was that boy’s fault. He stormed out of his office to find Eren.


Eren waited for you outside of the classroom, he couldn’t believe his classes got switched from yours it sucks that they decided to make an unnecessary change in his schedule. He sighed and ran a hand through his brown hair. He couldn’t believe you had actually found the guy you always talked about. Levi would provide some competition for Eren, since he never got to ask you out last year and was hoping to get the courage to this year.
Levi walked towards your classroom, hoping to apologize for his actions. Before he opened the door he noticed another figure outside it. It was that boy Eren. Levi turned to Eren and stuck out his hand.

“I’m Levi, the student council president, it’s nice to meet you.” Levi gave a soft smile.

Eren accepted his hand and gripped it a bit harder than usual.

“I-I’m Eren Jaeger… Nice to meet you too.” Eren said with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

“Would you mind coming with me for a second? There’s something I need to talk to you about.” Levi spoke with confidence.

“A-Actually I was just waiting for [Name] to get out of class, if you could just wait until she  comes out--” Eren started.

“No, we need to talk now.” Levi snapped.

Levi grabbed Eren wrist an pulled him out of the school building. He roughly tossed him against the outside wall.

“Why do you think you can talk to her so  casually?” Levi  spat.

“T-Talk to who?” Eren stammered, wiping spit from his  jaw.

“‘Oh, I think you know who I’m talking about…” Levi said with narrowed eyes.

Eren looked at him, confused, before he began to walk off.

“I really don’t know who you’re talking about.” Eren raised a hand dismissively.

Levi’s eyes became enraged. Just who did this boy think he was? Levi ran to  catch up to him and swung at Eren’s jaw. Eren fell to the ground with a  thud.  The gasps of students could be heard from all over the school grounds. Levi had just punched Eren. No one knew how to react.

“Levi....? Eren are you okay?!” You pushed your way through the crowd.

“Why did you hurt my friend like that Levi..? I thought better of you.”

You looked at Levi once before looking down at Eren who  looked very badly beaten rushing over to his side quickly, not before casting a glance of disappointment in Levi’s grey blue eyes. You helped Eren up slinging his arm over your shoulder letting his weight lean on while you both walked into the direction of the nurse’s office. Levi stared at your retreating figure. Was what he did worth it? He looked at the ground. You had abandoned him once again, but this time it was because someone stood in his way. Levi’s teeth gritted. He turned in the opposite direction and stormed off. He knew that this would take a lot of planning.
Second chapter is up! Yui (Yoroshiku ne) [V1] 

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nope :) if you watch the episode of their past
Mikasa was at home with her parents and they were both murdered and she was kidnapped
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Eren's father told Eren to wait at the bottom of the hill but instead eren ran off to find the people
he found them
pretended to be lost
and killed them all (mikasa ended up killing one)
the scarf Mikasa wears?
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he wrapped it around her afterwards :)
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