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November 2, 2013
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[Name] is a student at Teiko middle school. She was well known for her luscious [h/c] [h/t] hair and sparkling [e/c] eyes, which made her one of the most beautiful girls in the school. There was one thing no one except for her closest friends knew. The one thing that you kept under lock and key was your love for the sport of basketball. During your first year you had watched the basketball team practice every chance you got. The team eventually took notice of your watchful gaze and began to speak to you. By second year you were holding conversations with the so called ‘Generation of Miracles’ and could even be called their friend. Now, you were in your third and final year, you had opened up so much around them, the eight of you were the best of friends [I’m including Momoi] .

You let out a heavy sigh as you stared out the window, not paying attention to the lesson the teacher was giving. ‘Why is he even giving us this lecture…? It’s not like we haven’t heard all of this before.’ You thought, bored.

“Ms. [Last Name], would you kindly give me your attention?” You looked up to see the teacher’s eyes blazing with anger.

“Yes sir.” You mumbled.

The bell rang and you jumped up from your seat. Several teachers yelled at you for running down the hallway but you ignored them. You were almost late for the meeting Akashi had called between you and the rest of the team. You ran across the school grounds hoping they’d wait for you. You had big news that you needed to tell them.  You swung open the door as eight pairs of eyes found their way toward you.

“I’m going to America!” You yelled.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room.
I promised this a while ago... Hope you guys enjoy~!

Finally something other than Attack on Titan! I'm really enjoying writing this~~

:iconigetit-plz: Please comment so you can feed my addiction!

Story (c) :icongfftfg:

KnB (c) Production I.G./ the Mangaka (forgot his name)

You (c) No one yet~

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Generation of Miracles: Komari Kud Rin (Scaredy-cats) [V4] 

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