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August 31, 2013
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“Oh Eren, it’s nice to see you here!” You smiled once you spotted him.

Eren had asked you out a few days ago and today was your date. He smile at you and grabbed your hand.

“Let’s get going [Name]! We can’t be late for our reservation!!” Eren said while pulling you along.

“Fine, fine!’ You giggled.

The two of you hurried down the street, laughing all the way. Eren finally slowed down and tugged you along into a restaurant advertising baked potatoes. [That’s Sasha’s restaurant X3] You cocked your head at this.

“Is this where we’re eating, Eren?” You questioned.

“U-umm, y-yeah, s-s-sorry it’s not anything special [Name]..” He said embarrassed.

“No, no it’s ok! I’m just surprised that you actually prepared for this..” You whispered bashfully.

Eren gave you a slight smile as you entered the restaurant with him following. He pulled out a chair for you and then sat down across from you.

“So, Eren, how’s your training been going?” You asked with a smile.

“It’s been going great! I can’t wait until I graduate!!!” Eren said with pure enthusiasm.

You let out a chuckle. You were a few years older than Eren and had met him while helping with the new recruits. You thought of Eren as a friend at first, but eventually gave into his many advances. You sat at the table with him and laughed about many things. It was getting late and you decided it was best if you went home.

“I’m going to head back now..” You sadly whispered.

Eren’s smile turned into a frown, but he understood that it could be dangerous if you stayed any longer.

“I’ll walk you back, [Name].” He said.

You and Eren walked in a comfortable silence until you reached your house.

“Well, this is goodbye for now, Eren… Good night!” You said as you walked into your home.

“WAIT!” Eren yelled. “[Name], will you please go out with me?”

Your eyes widend but you slowly nodded.

“Yes, I will, Eren..”

~Time Skip~

It had been a year since you and Eren had begun dating and you had retired from the Survey Corps due to an injury. It was hard not being able to help with anything, but you put up with it. Today you were visiting Armin so you could decide what to do about Eren’s recent ‘moods’.

For the last couple months Eren had not been letting you outside and wouldn’t let you talk to any of your friends. You were concerned at his actions and had decided to ask his friends about it.

“Hey [Name]!!” You heard a voice say.

You turned your head in the direction of the voice to see Armin.

“Hello Armin!” You brightly smiled.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk about?” He asked.

“Well, Eren’s been acting quite strange recently.. He hasn’t been letting me go outside or letting me talk to my friends. Would you happen to know anything about this?” You questioned hopefully.

Armin shook his head. You nodded a ‘thank you’ and began to slowly walk back to the house you now shared with Eren. A pair of darkened eyes watched you the whole way.

“Eren! I’m home!” You called.

You heard a shuffling and turned your head to see what it was.

“Eren? Is that you?” You asked nervously.

A figure came into the light. It was Eren who wore a sick grin on his face.

“Oh, you gave me a heart attack!!” You scolded him.

You suddenly felt a pain in your chest. You slowly looked down to see a knife lodged in it.

“E-Eren why?” You said tears filling your eyes.

Your body fell to the ground with a thump. Eren knelt down and ran his fingers through you [h/c] locks. He kissed your lips softly.

“If only you had stayed here like I wanted you to [Name]….. It’s too bad it had to end like this..” He spoke sadly.

“ I can’t say I’m not happy though…. Now you’ll be with me forever…..Love me as long as I love you [Name]..” He whispered into your ear.
I don't even know...I'm so messed up:iconmiseryplz:.... He's even worse than Possessive!Levi..... I'm sorry about..'eliminating' you....
Welp, this is yet another disturbed fic from my mind!! I hoped you all liked it!!! My next upload is going to be Item [3] so please look forward to it![P.S. Check it out if you haven't; it's an Eren x Reader x Bertholdt series!!] I'm thinking about doing another Levi/Rivaille one-shot...or maybe Reiner...idk.. Tell me who!! NO THIS WILL NOT BE CONTINUED!! [I think..]

Please check out my group's [:iconattackontitanxreader:] contest!! It's mean the world to me!!!!

Story :icongfftfg:

Attack on Titan Hajime Isayama

You :iconerenplz:

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Eren:W-who's there!?
Eren:*screams*Oh it's just a dream.
Me(an angel):Hey Eren,how was your dream?
Eren:Good.......wait......*realize what is happening,looks at me*SCREAM AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH RAINBOW I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!
Me:It's okay dudedance I forgive ya
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Mom: "The hell did you wipe on me?"
Me: Jean Kirschstein (Brokenhearted) [V4] "My faith in a boyfriend."
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